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Read What People Are Saying About the Raw Food Chick...

I thought I knew a lot about nutrition, like what foods were good for you, and what you should stay away from, but when I attended Nancy's Raw Food Demo and sampler, I realized that I still had a lot to learn.  I was amazed at how easy the recipes were, and how quickly the items could be created.  When it came to sample the various foods that Nancy had made for us, I was completely unprepared for how incredibly delicious and satisfying they all were, and found myself starting to think seriously about how I could incorporate what I learned that day into my daily eating habits.  I've now incorporated some of those things into my preparation and buying practices, and I'm feeling happier, healthier, and I've even lost weight.  I'm looking forward to Nancy's next session - I'll definitely be there looking to learn more ways to have a positive impact on my health, happiness, and vitality.  Nancy's on the cutting edge of a raw food revolution - with all the negative health and nutrition issues that prevail in our society, this is a welcome and much needed change that everyone can partake of. ~James A. Mearns - Carmel, CA

Nancy Broderick is THE Raw Food Chef Extraordinaire!! I am constantly impressed by her extensive knowledge, innovative and DELICIOUS recipes, fun and informative demos and real connection with her audience.  She makes living on raw food fun and easy!  Her passion for health is evident from the first moment you meet her.  This CHICK is the real deal! ~ Gina Renee, L.Ac.   http://www.GinaReneeLac.com

I am so excited to see you are doing a "Holiday Favorites" class! I attended your last 2 classes and learned so much, the best being that the prep time is far less than expected. It will be great to have a healthy alternative for the holidays. Keep doing what you do.  ~ Diane - Carmel, CA

You are at ease and well-prepared, you covered every conceivable gadget and were so enthusiastic about each.  Great handouts.  I am blown away, this is one of the best student or pro demos I have ever seen. ~Jennifer Cornbleet - Instructor and Raw Food Chef - Living Light - Student Critique www.learnrawfoods.com

Natural and confident, Great eye contact, Excellent practical tips.  Excellent demo - you should be on staff with Living Light - ~ Cheri Soria - Instructor and Raw Food Chef - Living Light - Student Critique www.rawfoodchef.com

My goodness ... really!! Goodness epitomizes the 2 raw food talks I was so fortunate to assist Nancy with. Her passion to share her raw food knowledge, the dishes she created and the humor she infused in each event made for quite an enjoyable, let alone a delicious, afternoon. I couldn't believe I was giving up one of my sacred "Saturdays", and realized later it was time very well spent. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. Check it out! It's incredible .. if not simply "edible".   ~ Alison -  Carmel, CA

I absolutely loved your class and I am so glad I went. I have been reading through the 2 hand-outs you gave, and they are helping to get me started. Everything, your hand outs and your lecture and demonstrations and comments and answers to questions and the lovely food you served us was very helpful and meaningful. I do not have any comments or suggestions for changes... I liked everything as you have designed it. It's well done and well thought out. ~ Karen - Santa Cruz, CA

Your presentation was very professional and great information...It was a joy to see your demo! You were very friendly as well.

You did a great job! Keep up the good work!  ~Wanda, Santa Cruz